Training for effective partnerships

Partnership working for many is a task in addition to their core functions.  IMPROVING COMMUNITIES offers a range of practically based processes, delivering effective outcomes using relevant partners.  These techniques create opportunities to sustainably reduce crime and disorder making best use of the time and skills available.

The training can be delivered as separate modules or as a complete toolkit for cost-effective crime and disorder reduction initiatives.
The Foundation Modules are:

  • Problem solving for effective partnerships.
  • Managing and delivering partnership initiatives.
  • Effective engagement with diverse communities.
  • Tackling and reducing anti-social behaviour.
  • Problem solving in rural communities.

In addition to the foundation modules IMPROVING COMMUNITIES offers bespoke training developed to meet the needs of the community.

The training can be tailored to meet the needs of crime reduction partnership groups or individual groups such as police teams, neighbourhood groups or voluntary agencies. 03/08


Training for effective partnerships.

Local management and support for partnership initiatives.

Web based solutions for partnership working.

Solutions tailored for the rural community.

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